About Us


United Way of Freeborn County works to create a thriving community where adults and children achieve their full potential with access to a solid education, good health, safe neighborhoods and jobs that pay a living wage.


Focusing on three core areas — Education, Financial Stability and Health of Freeborn County residents


We work collaboratively with our community partners and other non-profits to create a positive and sustainable impact in our community. We strategically invest in effective programs and services that solve complex issues, bettering the community for all.



Uniting People and Resources to Improve Lives.



The United Way of Freeborn County will be the community leader and trusted partner that proactively seeks solutions to change people's lives, and brings the diverse aspects of our community together to meet current health and human service needs and proactively addresses future issues.


We believe that the needs of individuals in our community are our primary concern and the driving force behind our work.  Based on this belief, we value:

  • Excellence and Integrity – We are ethical and respectful in all endeavors and continually strive to apply high standards and best practices to make a direct and powerful difference in the quality of life in Freeborn County.  
  • Stewardship--We are accountable to our donors, our agencies, United Way Worldwide, and the community for our actions, our handling of finances, and maintaining the integrity of our confidential information.
  • Leadership and Collaboration – We are uniquely positioned to provide leadership in a professional manner, inspiring others to act in service to the community and bringing together those who share our concern and commitment in serving our community.  We seek synergistic solutions; are team players; creating joint ventures, such as public-private partnerships with others in the community.
  • Results – We seek excellence through measurable indicators of meaningful success and are accountable for producing outcomes that have positive impact on the community.
  • Caring – We listen and respond with a caring heart to the needs of our community and show compassion; serving those in need, advocating for them and creating opportunities for them to help themselves.