Winter Gear Drive


The United Way of Freeborn County is hosting its annual ‘Winter Gear Drive’ from October to January, 2021. 


Volunteers are needed from the start of the drive until its end to: 

     Empty Drop Boxes 
     Work Gear Distribution Events 
     Fulfil ‘Unique’ Gear Requests 

  • To learn more about volunteer roles click here
  • To sign up to volunteer, please fill out the form here 



A 2L x 2W x 3D ft box will be placed at locations throughout Freeborn County.  

Locations will be announced soon. 

These locations will be advertised to the public for collecting gear donations after the list is finalized. 


Each box will have a corresponding volunteer assigned to empty it. 

Drop Boxes will be emptied bi-weekly, every other Tuesday. 

Gear contents from the boxes will be delivered to the UWFC Office by 5:00 PM each collection day. 

             UWFC Office Address: 2610 YH Hanson Ave, Albert Lea, MN 56007 

Drop Box Locations: Here 

Gear will be organized and displayed inside the UWFC office conference room. 

Events be held October – January for coat distribution.  

                 Gear Distribution Event Dates: Here 

Individuals will be directed by UWFC volunteers or UWFC staff through the gear distribution process. 

The UWFC building is marked outside with the ALEDA logo and the Select Foods interview office is on the west edge of the building facing the road. Our office is mid-way between the Select Foods office and the Crossfit Inner Drive entrance.  

Vehicles can be parked on the north side of the United Way Office parking lot, adjacent to the office building (see photo below).  

                   Address: 2610 YH Hanson Ave, Albert Lea, MN 56007