Safety Net Fund for COVID-19  Relief

During times of disaster or crisis, nonprofit services become even more critical to helping individuals get back on their feet. In recognition of this effort, United Way of Freeborn County (UWFC) announces the launch of its United Way Safety Net Fund for emergency and disaster relief. The Safety Net Fund will be a new, separate fund designed to be activated in times of crisis, starting first with the local COVID-19 response. The Safety Net Fund is a permanent pool of funding designed to provide flexible resources to support United Way’s direct services and nonprofit partners who have “Boots on the Ground” and are significantly involved in recovery efforts. During the COVID-19 Response, the Safety Net Fund will be utilized for immediate, intermediate and long-term recovery.

If you're an organization wanting to apply for Safety Net Funding, check back soon for the application and timeline. 



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Volunteer Management 

United Way of Freeborn County has partnered with the Albert Lea Fire Department to help assist those affected by the pandemic. 

Those in need are encouraged to call the Assistance Line and leave a message with details of what they need. Firefighters will direct callers to resources, or take information for United Way of Freeborn County to assign a volunteer to the need. 

While this program is specifically part of the pandemic response, United Way of Freeborn County has been working to become a volunteer hub for the community. Just recently, UWFC won a 3 year capacity building grant to hire a full time staff person to bring our community together in their volunteer needs. With the pandemic, plans are on  hold for now, but check back for future updates! 




Non-Profit & Community Support

Now, more than ever, non-profits need our support. Beyond funding, UWFC is providing support to Non-Profits by actively seeking grants, sourcing supplies and encouraging positive service opportunities to our community. 

UWFC has been touching base with all of our Partner Agencies on a regular basis. Some grant opportunities are only available to United Ways to re-allocate out. UWFC has applied for 3 grants in the past week, all on behalf of our Partner Agencies and other non-profits in the area. 

In addition to the Assistance Line volunteer management, UWFC is also checking on the volunteer needs and changing situations of Partner Agencies and non-profits providing basic needs, such as Loaves & Fishes, and Trinity Lutheran Church providing hot meal sites weekly. 

As the situation changes, UWFC will identify ways to provide support. 

The United Way of Freeborn County values, champions, and embraces diversity in all aspects of UWFC activities. UWFC respects others without regard to race, religion, color, sex, age, handicap, national origin or ancestry.

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