What is the United Way?

United Way is a local nonprofit organization that engages community members in identifying local resources to address the greatest needs in Freeborn County.

United Way of Freeborn County is focused on the areas of Education, Income and Health.

Our mission is uniting people and resources to improve lives. United Way of Freeborn County collaborates to connect people, resources and ideas to create a thriving community characterized by measurable and long-lasting improvements in education, income and health.

We have several committees formed of community members who volunteer their time to make sure United Way is functioning at its best; to meet the needs of Freeborn County residents. A special Allocations Committee ensures that donations are spent wisely and where they are needed most.

Only 2% of funds collected go outside of Freeborn County; 1% is slated for United Way of America Membership and 1% is designated by the donors for United Ways in other counties.

The United Way of Freeborn County values, champions, and embraces diversity in all aspects of our activities. UWFC respects others without regard to race, religion, color, sex, age, handicap, national origin or ancestry.

Please read for more information regarding United Way operations at a worldwide level (this statement was released following e-mails that were sent out with a great deal of misinformation): Email Claims 2012 (2) pdf

Important Documents:

Annual Report 2016

2015 990 A 2015 990 B Financial Statements, 2015

501 (c) (3)     Bylaws    Code of Ethics   Whistleblower Policy


Chair: Jenine Koziolek

Vice Chair: Paul Shea

Past Chair: Stuart Ness

Treasurer: Mark Heinemann

Secretary: Russell Hardeman


Jenine Koziolek, Fountain Centers

Mark Heinemann, Farmer’s State Bank

Mary Johnson, US Bank

Christine Srp,  Cargill

Deb Kolling, Freeborn Mower Cooperative Services

Stuart Ness, Mrs. Gerry’s Kitchen

Paul Shea, Digity Media

Holly Karsjens, Meraki Studios

Jerry Gabrielatos, City of Albert Lea

Russell Hardeman, Southern MN Regional Legal Services

Joe Lubke, Express Personnel Services

Sally Skrlin, Retired

Allyssa Tomlinson, Retirement Communities

Jeff Halvorsen, Albert Lea High School

Agency Representatives:

Penny Jahnke, Adult Basic Education

Garry Hart, Cedar Valley Services